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Boundary Disputes & Expert Witness Services

Our experts resolve boundary conflicts and provide authoritative testimony when needed, ensuring clarity and resolution for your property matters.

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Boundary Disputes & Expert Witness Services

Why Andrews Eades for Boundary Disputes & Expert Witness Services?

Boundary Disputes

A boundary dispute is a dispute between the owners or occupiers of at least two neighbouring properties or pieces of land. The most common form of a despite relates to the position of a boundary, often with it being argued that a physical feature (such as a wall, fence or hedge) is in the incorrect position, or dispute over which feature defines the boundary (such as a hedge and ditch). The process and timescales of a boundary dispute are influenced by their complexity, the available information relating to the boundary (such as deeds, photographs and plans), and the willingness of each owner to seek a resolution.

Our team are experienced in assisting clients with boundary disputes, with many cases being resolved amicably without the need for professional mediation or court proceedings. However, not all disputes can be resolved in this way and we have acted as court appointed experts to provide detailed knowledge and insight on such cases.

  • Expert knowledge and insight on boundary matters and principles.
  • Experienced and skilled in resolving disputes.
  • Can act as Court appointed experts if required.

Expert Witness Services

An expert witness is a person who has a high level of expertise and knowledge in a specific subject, which qualifies them to present their opinion about the facts during legal proceedings. This can be done via written representation and/or attendance to court, as directed by the court.

Many of the chartered surveyors at Andrews Eades have served as expert witnesses in matters relating to building pathology and boundary disputes. As such our team is experienced in meeting the requirements of being an expert witness, including detailed knowledge of Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules: Experts and Assessors, the Guidance for the Instruction of Experts in Civil Claims, and the Code of Practice for Experts.

  • Chartered Surveyors with expertise in building pathology and boundary disputes.
  • Experienced court appointed expert witnesses.
  • Detailed knowledge of procedures and guidance for experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve picked out some answers to the most popular questions we get asked by clients and potential customers about our Surveying Services.

To read our full list of frequently asked questions, please click here.

Do I need a survey when buying a property?2023-08-24T11:03:00+01:00

For most people a house is the most expensive purchase they will ever make in their lives, and whilst there is no requirement to have a survey when purchasing a property, we would always recommend that a survey is undertaken. Houses are complex structures with many hidden elements, and it is only through a great deal of experience and knowledge that one of our RICS accredited chartered surveyors can provide a comprehensive report on its construction and condition.

A survey will serve a variety of purposes when purchasing a property, from making a purchaser aware of any defects and issues within the building, to helping negotiate a reduction in purchase price due to unforeseen issues, to walking away from the purchase altogether when the property has some serious issues.

What is the difference between a Schedule of Dilapidations and a Schedule of Condition?2023-08-24T11:04:52+01:00

A schedule of dilapidations will only list reinstatement, repair and redecorating works that a tenant or lessee is required to make good in accordance with the repair clauses in their lease. The report will also include reasonable costs for each identified breach which will be a reflection of the landlord’s financial loss as a result of the defects.

A schedule of condition is a descriptive report which records the construction and condition of the property on any given day. The report records both good and bad condition, and does not make any reference to the tenant or lessee’s repair liabilities. A schedule of condition will usually be accompanied by a photographic record.

I am concerned that my neighbour has started building work close to my property. What should I do?2023-08-24T11:04:03+01:00

If you have not been served with a party wall notice by your neighbour then it may be that the proposed works are not notifiable under the Act, however there are occurrences where the works are notifiable but the neighbour has not served prior notice. In either case we would recommend giving us a call for further advice as the action required will vary depending on the circumstances. In the immediate term however you could ask your neighbour to cease works until confirmation has been provided by a party wall professional, and take photographs of your property to record its condition.

Do you negotiate a dilapidations claim on behalf of a tenant or lessee?2023-08-24T11:04:36+01:00

Yes, in addition to producing a dilapidations claim for the landlord we can also act for a tenant or lessee. In this scenario we would advise the tenant or lessee with regards to their repairing obligations and negotiate the claim on their behalf to try and reduce their liability, ultimately saving them money.

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