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Residential Surveys

A house is often the largest investment many of us will make, we believe that it's important that we help to aid you with your purchase by providing you with the most suitable type of survey, a member of staff can discuss this with you however we have outlined the two main types below.

It should be remembered that a lenders valuation is not a survey and will not provide information you may require to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of the property.

​A survey not only provides you with a comprehensive report showing the condition of the elements of a building but if the survey finds a number of elements which require attention our survey can be used to possibly negotiate on the purchase price.  


​Andrews Eades also offer a valuation report for all types of residential properties. Dealing primarily with the value of the property in its present condition.

It is important to note that this valuation should not be used as the only basis for reaching a decision to purchase a new property. We keep ourselves up to date with market conditions and the demand for various property types.

Our valuations are carried out by RICS registered valuers.



The HomeBuyer Report is suitable for most types of property. From the late Victorian era to the present day. Period properties are not usually suitable for this type of survey, due to the varying methods of construction.


As from December 2016 RICS confirmed they were to split the Homebuyer Report into two separate surveys:  A Homebuyers with a valuation and insurance reinstatement costs and a Homebuyers Report without. 

Andrews Eades are happy to offer either type of Homebuyers Report and to give you a quotation for both reports. 


A HomeBuyer Report and Valuation is a combination of a valuation and a survey and should help clients identify major faults in the property they intend to purchase. Helping to decide on their next property and whether the purchase price is a realistic one.


Please click here to download the Description of the RICS HomeBuyer Service as provided by the RICS.

Full Building Survey

A Full Building Survey is bespoke survey which is suitable for all types of properties of all ages. Our surveyors undertake a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the property.

This type of survey is also useful when properties have had major alterations, or where alterations are anticipated. The survey report covers all parts of the property which are visible during inspection. Our written survey will highlight any areas of concern paying attention to future repairs and maintenance.

The report will also include photographs of the property, advice on the cause of the defects and recommended remedies. Each building survey is bespoke and tailored to suite clients instructions and need.

When alterations are proposed we are able to look at this at the time of our survey and comment on the structural requirements of those alterations for you.


Q. I have a specific defect with my current property can you help?

A. Yes, we are able to inspect, report and then make recommendations on any specific property defect. This is usually prepared in the form of a letter report and is tailored to suit your specific needs.


Q. What type of survey do I need?


A. It depends upon the form of construction and age of the building, together with the level of information you require. The two main surveys we offer are a HomeBuyer Report or a Building Survey. We would be happy to discuss and advise which is best suited to meet your requirements.

Q. What will the survey tell me?

A. We endeavour to provide a clear concise survey to provide advice from which to negotiate further on price if necessary. We look for defects and advise on the cause, effect and remedy.

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Photographs which have been included within our Building Surveys

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